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dimanche 18 octobre 2020, par Vincent

Graphbz is dedicated to the cognitive roots of the European Protohistory material cultures. The platform already contains more than 6,000 complex geometric compositions, from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. The graphic constructions presented here have their archaeological origin on supports made of gold or silver and often copper alloys, and very rarely iron.

The chosen documentary source deals entirely with metal ornaments of arms and legs or assimilated as such with some miniaturized specimens (open or closed rings, armbands, leggings, etc.). The orthogonal flat projection of the decors serves as a presentation model. It benefits the deepening of our general knowledge of protohistoric graphic productions. We know the primordial role of the textile industry in this matter, and the ability of its decorations to be found on other artefacts. This is why the present listing is of interest to many specialists, beyond the archeology of textiles alone.

Graphbz is also favourable to the eventual revival of these geometric pattern assemblages. The raw content of the illustrations is subject to the intellectual property code.

Graphbz is based on a systematic listing of the bibliographical sources used, with recourse to museographical references for documents that have remained unpublished. From this point of view, Graphbz is intended to complement the scientific publications available or to come.

The participation in this collaborative work consists in pointing out the ornamentations, newly published, or absent from this exhaustive listing. In this sense, all active visitor participation is welcome.

Bonne visite dans ce vaste corpus graphique !
Enjoy your visit in this vast graphic corpus !